When it comes to discovering purpose, there are two camps.

The first camp are the teams that haven’t yet defined a clear shared purpose. Many successful companies did not come out of the gate with a clear purpose. Some stumbled on it later in their journey. Some discovered it deliberately. Some had a sense of purpose since the beginning, but found the words to express it later.

The second camp are the ones that do have an existing purpose, but desire to update it.

We have a purpose. Why would I want to update it?

This is for the seconds camp. Many say purpose shouldn’t doesn’t change, I disagree, but let me clarify. 

Times change. Our environment change. We change. Our purpose has to be relevant to the time we’re in, and that’s why it’s important to revisit our purpose from time to time and rediscover them. 

No matter which camp you’re in, you’ll find articles, books, courses, and links here that will guide your purpose discovery journey.

Case Studies

Stories of how great companies and teams discovered their purpose

How to define core values

Taking a close look at the core values of Warby Parker, Sir Kensington’s, and Zappos, in this essay I share with you the best practices on defining core values that cultivate a culture of purpose.

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