Whirlpool's Purpose

Seems like more and more company are putting their Purpose upfront. Here's Whirlpool's Purpose:

Making the Most of Moments that Matter

How they describe it:

Time is the most valuable resource available. So we design in-home solutions that help make the most of every minute. Life is worth remembering, so we do everything to make room for more quality time in your day. From engineering sketches to our manufacturing process, we always have you in mind. Our focus on your world helps us think big and do things that have never been done before. It’s also the reason 8 out of 10 homes rely on at least one of our products. Some may ask, why put so much effort into saving a few moments? Well, we believe it’s moments that matter.

The also recently launched a Purpose-inspiared campaign called Every day, care campaign. Here's the anthem video:

Here's the link to their campaign site.

Here's something we see from time to time regarding Purpose in strategy. There are often different interpretations of Purpose with regards to mission, vision, and values. Some companies like Southwest Airlines group them together under one roof. There are also companies like Whirlpool where they treat Purpose completely separate from mission, vision, and values.

You see that in their Strategic Architecture, which includes vision, mission, strategy, and values, but not Purpose. Sometimes when you don't want to complicate things, keeping Purpose distinct and separate is a good strategy.