Twitter's Vision

An interesting read from Ben Thompson regarding Twitter leadership - THE CASE FOR JACK DORSEY, TWITTER CEO.

In his analysis, he mentions Twitter's vision before the leadership change:

Reach the largest daily audience in the world by connecting everyone to their world via our information sharing and distribution platform products and be one of the top revenue generating Internet companies in the world.

He compares that to Jack Dorsey's vision:

You should expect Twitter to be as easy as looking out your window to see what’s happening. You should expect Twitter to show you what’s most meaningful in the world to live it first before anyone else and straight from the source. And you should expect Twitter to keep you informed and updated throughout your day.

But Twitter can’t just be the best window to the world; Twitter also has to be the most powerful microphone in the world. You should expect Twitter to increase your reach and you should expect Twitter to encourage live and direct conversation and participation around whatever you share.

If we meet these expectations, and we will, Twitter will become the first thing everyone in the world checks to start their day and the first thing people turn to when they want to share ideas, commentary, or simply what’s happening.

This comparison gives us some hints when it comes to crafting Purpose, mission, and vision statements. My observations:

  • Notice the use of you; it makes it more personal
  • The use of user-friendly words; makes it more human
  • The use of metaphors (window, microphone) so that it's easy to understand