Millward Brown Perspectives Volume 6 (2013)

Lots of great info about purpose and brand in Millward Brown's annual publication in 2013.

Here are some highlights:

Purpose change.

But sometimes a company’s purpose has to change because the world around it has changed, as when 20 years ago IBM shifted its purpose from making computers and chips to building a smarter and more efficient planet.

Iconic brands and purpose.

An iconic brand is recognizable not because it has invested in decades of heavy marketing spend, but because it delivers a powerful brand experience that is founded in the brand’s purpose.

Benefits of purpose.

By being purposeful (beyond making money and growing market share), they provide a higher meaning to all employees.

Brands must have a purpose.

Every brand must have a purpose. It must resolve a consumer need, which may be functional, emotional, aspirational or, increasingly, societal. And brands that do this in ways that are meaningfully different from other brands have the opportunity to build significant value.

A brand must have a purpose. It must be intended to make some difference in people’s lives. And to justify existing in today’s complex and crowded categories, a brand needs a purpose that sets it apart from others. What does this brand offer that others do not?

A very informative read on purpose and brand ideals. You can download it here from Millward Brown.