These are resources categorized from three perspectives to help you put purpose in action.

  1. Bird’s-eye View: Resources here give us a holistic view and touches on both embedding purpose in your team and engaging your customers with purpose.

  2. Employee View: Resources here are focused on connecting the purpose with your employees - creating internal movements.

  3. Customer View: The third category is a spotlight on customers. In particular, the resources cover creating purposeful strategies to communicate and serve your customers.

Employee View


Creating Movements: A simple guide for leaders on bringing your team together to fulfill a higher purpose.

How do you bring everyone on your team together to bring your purpose to life? In other words, how can you create a movement within your team?

This is the theme of this short essay. There's still much to learn regarding this subject, but I'd like to share what I've learned so far from my work. It is a work in progress, but I hope that it will be insightful and helpful for you.

Here is a simple guide for leaders on bringing your team together to fulfill a higher purpose.



Case Studies

When Purpose Comes Alive

Customer View


Notes on creating a purpose-driven business strategy

How exactly to we connect purpose to a business strategy that serves our customers? Here are my notes about a simple framework for helping you design a purpose-led business strategy.



Purpose, Mission & Strategy: Making Hard Decisions Easier (Nick Grossman, Union Square Ventures)

In this talk Nick from Union Square Ventures explains how the connection between purpose, mission, and strategy is important to his company and the companies they invest in. In the second half of his presentation, he shares 5 ways to help companies connect purpose, mission, and strategy. It’s around 20 minutes and definitely worth a watch.