Over the past few years we have helped several companies and teams discover their Purpose. The Purpose Project is a place where we share what we have learned along the way.

It is a resource about the role of Purpose in business today, and it exists to help your organization become more inspiring and purposeful.


Getting Started with Purpose


List of purpose statements of companies inspired by purpose. (link)


Curated list of books about purpose and great companies. (link)

Research and Reports

Insights about purpose from universities, companies, and think tanks. (link)

Who we are

The Purpose Project is made up of individuals passionate about purpose in our lives and work. We research and come up with creative and better ways for individuals and organizations to discover their purpose and to start movements to achieve great things. We spread these ideas through publications, workshops, and seminars. 

The Purpose Project is based in Los Angeles with team members in US, Tokyo and Asia. Since 2010, it has developed seminars and courses on purpose-driven marketing and branding for private companies as well as universities.


What we believe

We are inspired by individuals and organizations that do great things to change the world. We believe they have one thing in common, PURPOSE. Purpose sparks movements. Movements move mountains. And great things happen! Our mission is to spread this idea of "purpose, movement, and greatness!"


Purpose Discovery Case Studies

Learn How Great Companies and Teams Discovered Their Purpose.

Turns out, like individuals, most great companies didn’t really discover their purpose until further down the road. In this 8-part email series, join us in looking at how great companies discovered their purpose. We’ll also take a look at methods used by accomplished business thinkers to help teams find their purpose.

Case studies featured in the series include: Google, Ford. Chick-fil-A, REI, and more. 

Get in touch with us. 

If you would like to learn more about Purpose and find ways to make your organization more purposeful, we'd love to talk to you.